Useful Links

The UGS Home Page is a great starting point for anyone interested in the UGS product suite.

The GTAC Home Page is a powerful portal for getting technical support for all UGS products.

PLM World is the global user group for all UGS products. It's a great organization with a lot to offer for anyone getting into PLM, PDM, CAD, etc.

Some Fun Stuff

Poking fun at the outlandish marketing blather from one of our competitors, Parametric Technology Corporation.

An example of a valve assembly using the new XpresReview free viewer format from UGS.

Other Professional Stuff

Here's a paper about my thesis research (Assembly Variation Analysis) I presented at the ADCATS conference back in 2001.

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The Good Stuff

Japan Stuff is here, though the content is still limited.

Barbershop Stuff contains links to great resources for four-part Barbershop-style harmony. Nothing at all to do with cutting hair...

Unigraphics NX Stuff will be here, though there's nothing there yet...

Web Design Stuff is here, though the content is still limited.

LDS Stuff is here. Articles and content regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Fun Stuff is here. Humor and games -- stuff to make you laugh and/or burn inordinate amounts of time.

The FAQ is here. Organized questions, random questions, more coming later, of course...

Photo Gallery is here.

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