[Several people have asked me about this, so I've created this short explanation...]

Saving Passwords in Internet Explorer 6

This is what you need to do to get Internet Explorer 6 to start remembering passwords for you:

First, go to Tools --> Internet Options in the pull-down menus.

Tools --> Internet Options

Then, go to the Content tab.

Tools --> Internet Options

Click on the AutoComplete button toward the bottom...

Tools --> Internet Options

...and in that form, turn ON the User names and passwords on forms option (and the Prompt me to save passwords on forms option below it.)

Tools --> Internet Options

The next time you log into your favorite website IE will ask you if you want it to remember that username and password.

Tools --> Internet Options

Choose Yes, and the next time you go to the login page, just click in the Username spot. Your username will appear in a little dropdown menu there, and you can choose it from the list.

Tools --> Internet Options

Once you do,your password will be automatically filled in below.

Tools --> Internet Options

Click the Log in button, and you're in! :-)

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