Unabashedly Fun Links

Homestar Runner is a guilty pleasure of mine. All hail the brothers Chaps!

The Good Clean Funnies List is a good source for G-rated humor.

My Own Fun Stuff

Here's my design for a launcher for construction paper rockets. *Waaaaay* fun.

Here is a list of great recipes compiled by my daughter's kindergarten class. [WARNING: Enjoy at your own risk...]

Here are the results of the great Father's Day 2007 Survey in the Allen Ranch Ward.

Here are some really great headlines clipped from newspapers.

Here's my grandfather's 1930 Student Activity Book from his Freshman year at Brigham Young University.

My mother sent me an interesting word puzzle the other day. (Find the names of 30 books of the bible hidden in a long passage of text.) Here is a quick and dirty PHP solution.

See a fun CSS trick for delivering punch lines on the jokes page.

Starved Rock State Park in central Illinois was one of my favorite places as a boy. Some good pictures are on the way here...

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The Good Stuff

Japan Stuff is here, though the content is still limited.

Barbershop Stuff contains links to great resources for four-part Barbershop-style harmony. Nothing at all to do with cutting hair...

Unigraphics NX Stuff will be here, though there's nothing there yet...

Web Design Stuff is here, though the content is still limited.

LDS Stuff is here. Articles and content regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Fun Stuff is here. Humor and games -- stuff to make you laugh and/or burn inordinate amounts of time.

The FAQ is here. Organized questions, random questions, more coming later, of course...

Photo Gallery is here.

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