We asked the Primary children some questions about their Fathers and this is what they said...Happy Father's Day!

This year in the Allen Ranch Ward, the Primary President Lori Willden distributed a questionnaire to the kids (3-11) and compiled the answers into a really fun little booklet. The booklet was then handed out in Sacrament meeting on Father's Day. The responses were fabulous, so I posted them here to make them easier to share. Enjoy!

I highlighted a few of my favorites, and yeah... I couldn't resist making a few comments along the way. ;-)

My Dad is so strong he can...

He can lift an elephant - Jake Willden

He can lift up the couch - Micah Petersen, Brandon Glazier, Ainsley Sims, Halle Johnson

Hug me tight - Calli Glazier

Lift up a car's wheel - Camille Schneider

Lift up the planet - Seth Petersen

Carry me - Chloe Krauser

Lift up a car - Trevor Huss, Porter Lavender, Kimmie Webb, Haley Jones

Lift the TV up - Riley Jones, Megan Eralie

Lift me - Karina Huss, McKenzie Carpenter, Brianna St. Clair, Nathan Schneider, Gavin Mauter, Eric Martinez, Ethan Southwick, Zaiah Gonzales, Jaycie Neal, Sydney Langford, Drew Christensen, Elizabeth Christensen

Lift up a Quad - Mason Robinson

Lift up 3 children at once - Ryan Dunn

Play Piggy Back - Garrett Oliekan

Lift my home up - Courtney Gray, Nicholas Martinez

Lift my mom - Shaylee Gonzales

Pick me up - Emma Krauser, Laike Reader

Move a trampoline - Matthew Mortensen

Lift a table - Derall Riley, Faith Petersen

Load the truck - Katie Hill

Lift 2 houses at the same time - Hailey Strobelt

Pick up outer space - Eric Strobelt

Pick up our house - Ben Langford

Lift up our BIG trampoline - Christian Ganem

Pick up 2 large beds - Emma Hakes

He can lift up my brother and a toy house - Alli Lavender

Pick up a BIG microwave - Leah Anderson

Lift up my brother, Derall - Whitney Riley

He can lift anything except for a house - Jenna Oliekan

Lift up my bike - Rebecca Webb

Lift two chairs at the same time - Alexis Glazier

Lift me onto his shoulders (still!) - Hannah Oliekan

Lift me and my brother at the same time - Jill Jones, Isabella Saydyk

Lift a bed - Ben Langford, Chandler Miller

Hold my dog, Lucky - Jennifer Neal

Lift me really high - Sydney Scholes

Carry a bike - Emily Martinez

Lift up suitcases - Ariell Stevens

He can build a tower out of wood - Jacob Hill

Lift up weights - Jared Riley, Tayler Ganem

Pick up a couch with help - Gavin Saydyk

Exercise - Daniel Dunn

Reach some games I like to play - Gabe Eralie

Take down a tree with his bare hands - Nicole Strobelt

Eat tomatoes - Emily Jones

Lift up a chair - Craig Parsons

Eat Pie - Dallin Willden, Daniel Webb

Lift 2,000 pounds - Stillman Schneider

Pick up me and my sister at the same time - Rachel Hakes

Pick up a 12, 11, 9, and a 1 year old at the same time - Teal Reader

Do lots of stuff - Rosalie Hill

Pick up a car - Marina Bowman

Lift a 100-pound person - Garrett Gray

Smash through hard plastic - Geoffrey Jones

Lift really heavy boxes - Dani Anderson

Hit 300 yards in golf - Nathan McClure

Lift my ATV - Mitchell Robinson

Lift 200 pounds - Drew Scholes, Alex Gray

Lift 1000 pounds - Mitchell Christensen

(Shooting sounds) - Jacob Miller

He can lift 100 pounds - Ryan Zollinger

Fix anything! - Matthew & Joshua Johnson

Work - Dani Lavender

Work and build and pull a tree out - Kylen Jones

Do anything - Liam Ganem

Really big work - Madalyn Ahlstrom

Fix the broken couch - Brandon Sims

Pick us up and tickle us - Megan Langford

Help put up walls to build a house - Rylee Dunn

What does your Dad do at work?

He used to work at McDonald's, but now he has a real job Drew Scholes

Invest Mitchell Christensen

Taxes Brandon St. Clair, Makenna Willden

He sells Houses Brandtly Southwick

Hospital Alex Gray

Builds Houses Brianna Huss, Karina Huss, Matthew Mortensen

Top Secret Stuff Kimberly Webb [Yes, as a General Dynamics engineer.]

Goes to Scrapbooking Meetings Haley Jones

Electronic Services for Health Providers Nathan McClure

He builds satellites Mitchell Robinson

He works at the jewelry store Liam Ganem

He's a lawyer Madalyn Ahlstrom, Sydnay Langford

He goes to church and plays basketball Megan Langford

He goes to the bank Halle Johsnon

He is a doctor Rylee Dunn

Work out his muscles Drew Christensen

Sells things online Alexis Glazier

He earns money for things I need Hannah Oliekan

Sit in an office and talks to people on the phone Jill Jones

Goes on Computers Eric Martinez

Fixes people's teeth Isabella Saydyk, Riley Jones

Operates on people Garrett Gray

He mostly manages a business Jaycie Neal

Delivers Paper Geoffrey Jones

He works with engineering on the computer Danielle Anderson

He works Jake Willden

He plays basketball Micah Petersen

He is an engineer Mason Robinson

He goes to China McKenzie Carpenter

Take blood tests, strep throat Ryan Dunn

Works on the computer Brianna St. Clair, Calli Glazier, Gavin Mauter, Ainsley Sims,Mauter, Derall Riley, Nicolas Martinez, Ben Langford, Andrew Anderson, Brandon Sims, Elizabeth Christensen

Operations Courtney Gray

Flies Airplanes Camille Schneider, Nathan Schneider

Drives a car Seth Petersen

He mows someone's lawn Chloe Krauser [Runs a landscaping company, actually.]

He hits a hammer like Bob the Builder Jacob Miller [Software salesman, in fact.]

He puts on the concrete Trevor Huss

Buys/Sells Houses Shaylee Gonzales

Works on plants Emma Krauser

He works at the computer place Brandon Glazier

Golf at home Laike Reader [Actually, he *is* a professional golfer...]

? Katie Hill, Sydney Scholel

He counts money for 8 hours or less Hailey Strobelt

He builds planes. He gets lots of money Eric Strobelt

He teaches a class Ben Hill

Sell Jewelry Christian Ganem

He helps build houses so he can make money Faith Petersen

He makes future numbers and helps us keep money Emma Hakes

Sometimes he helps the people who can't get the things done Ali Lavender

Works in an office at my house Leah Anderson

He does meetings Whitney Riley

He types on the computer and calls people Jenna Oliekan

He does stuff on the computer Rebecca Webb

He tells people what to do Jennifer Neal

Sells houses Ethan Southwick

He cleans carpets Emily Martinez

Builds stuff Ariell Stevens

Teach Jacob Hill

He listens to what his boss says Jared Riley

He works on a lot of stuff Zaiah Gonzales

Do people's teeth Gavin Saydyk

He sometimes types Daniel Dunn [Even doctors need to type sometimes.]

Works on his work computer at home Gabe Eralie

He works with numbers concerning the future Rachel Hakes

He owns his own golf company and makes golf clubs Teal Reader

Teaches geography Rosalie Hill

He runs a department in his office - Megan Eralie

Makes Concrete Marina Bowman

Sells Software Chandler Miller

He builds stuff like hospitals Ryan Zollinger [Yep. Construction management.]

Engineering Matthew & Joshua Johnson

He works with his friend Dani Lavender

He works and eats lunch there Kylen Jones

If your Dad could be anyone he wanted, he would be...

A skydiver Teal Reader

I don't know Rosalie Hill, Rachel Hakes, Derall Riley, Sydney Scholes

Steve from "Blue's Clues" Megan Eralie

A writer Marina Bowman

Best Dad Brandon Glazier

A golfer Laike Reader

Probably a Bishop Katie Hill

Spiderman, but he would need a really big Spiderman costume Jake Willden

Anything Karina Huss, McKenzie Carpenter

What he is right now Mason Robinson

My Dad Andrew Anderson, Ethan Southwick, Mitchell Christensen, Alex Gray

He would study the Civil War Ryan Zollinger

My Papa Matthew and Joshua Johnson

Dan Dani Lavender

A worker Kylen Jones

Really strong Liam Ganem

A lawyer Madalyn Ahlstrom

A driver Brandon Sims

Superman Megan Langford, Alexis Glazier, Brandtly Southwick

Daddy Halle Johnson

Rich! And a professional pilot Rylee Dunn

A Superhero Drew Christensen, Elizabeth Christensen

I don't know Hailey Strobelt

A Policeman Eric Strobelt

A Pro Golfer Ryan Dunn

ME! Garrett Oliekan

A Dad Brianna St. Clair, Jennifer Neal

Himself Courtney Gray, Nicole Strobelt, Tayler Ganem, Stillman Schneider, Mitchell Robinson, Nathan McClure

A Farmer Camille Schneider

Just be his normal self Calli Glazier

Batman Seth Petersen

A race car driver Chloe Krauser

Spiderman III Trevor Huss [The black one??]

A basketball player Riley Jones, Shaylee Gonzales

What he is right now...a builder Matthew Mortensen

An Astronaut Nathan Schneider

A quad rider Gavin Mauter

A millionaire Ben Hill, Christian Ganem

An airplane pilot Faith Petersen

A repeller Emma Hakes

He would just want to be a person who helps people Ali Lavender

Like my mom Chanlder Miller

A lumberjack because he is so strong Leah Anderson [Where the heck did this come from??]

A person that could fix computers Whitney Riley

He would be a wrestler Jenna Oliekan

My Missy Doggy Rebecca Webb

A worker Ainsley Sims, Jared Riley

He would be in the movies Jacob Miller

The best golfer Ben Langford

A carpet cleaner man Emily Martinez

A big, strong, skinny man Ariell Stephens

A person who helps people Emily Jones

What he is right now Porter Lavender

Cool Craig Parsons

Steve Nash Dallin Willden

A baseball player Daniel Webb

A policeman - Zaiah Gonzales

A fisher Gavin Saydyk

The Best Daniel Dunn

A driver Gabe Eralie

The best surgeon Garrett Gray

A kid again Jaycie Neal

Mr. Bazzail Geoffrey Jones

A golfer on the PGA Tour Sydney Langford

A father to his OBEDIENT kids Danielle Anderson

He would still be the best father in the world Hannah Oliekan

My Hero Jill Jones

A singer Eric Martinez

A Superhero with really strong muscles Brianna Huss

A realtor Kimberly Webb

A Grandpa Haley Jones

Arnold Schwarzenegger Drew Scholes

President Brandon St. Clair

How tall is your Dad?

3 feet tall Shaylee Gonzales

3 inches tall Emma Krauser

Really tall! Matthew Mortensen, Madalyn Ahlstrom

29 feet Nathan Schneider

5 feet tall Gavin Mauter, Faith Petersen, Ali Lavender

20 inches Hailey Strobelt, Nicolas Martinez

About 8 feet Eric Strobelt

6 feet Ben Hill, Emily Jones, Jaycie Neal, Nathan McClure, Brandon Glazier, Laike Reader, Chandler Miller, Rylee Dunn

He is as tall as Chandler and Mom Jacob Miller

He could touch the ceiling Christian Ganem

Four Andrew Anderson

5 feet 10 inches Ryan Zollinger

6 feet 4 inches Matthew and Joshua Johnson, Alex Gray

Bigger than me Dani Lavender

Tall like Andy Kylen Jones

Tall like a superhero Liam Ganem

5 feet Brandon Sims

"This tall" (stretches up) Megan Langford

Tall, tall, tall Halle Johnson

9 feet Drew Christensen

Medium, taller than my mom Elizabeth Christensen

5 feet 8 inches Nicole Strobelt

"This high" (hold hands up) Emma Hakes

As tall as the bulletin board Leah Anderson

About 9 feet tall Whitney Riley

About 8 feet Jenna Oliekan

Like...5 feet Rebecca Webb

100 inches Ainsley Sims

50 feet Jennifer Neal

12 feet Ben Langford

30 feet Sydney Scholes

10 feet Ethan Southwick

1 foot Emily Martinez

24 feet Ariell Stephens

???? Tayler Ganem, Porter Lavender, Jared Riley, Hailey Strobelt

I'm not sure Eric Strobelt

7 feet Craig Parsons, Stillman Schneider

6 feet 5 inches Dallin Willden, Alexis Glazier, Jill Jones

5 feet 6 inches Daniel Webb, Eric Martinez

47 inches Jacob Hill

33 inches Zaiah Gonzales

30 inches Gavin Saydyk

20 feet tall Daniel Dunn

9 inches tall Gabe Eralie

6 foot 1 inch Garrett Gray

5' 3" Geoffrey Jones

6 feet 4 inches tall Sydney Langford, Derall Riley

6 feet 3 inches Danielle Anderson [Wow. I was impressed.]

Very tall! Hannah Oliekan

5 feet 9 inches Mitchell Robinson

4 feet Drew Scholes

Tall Mitchell Christensen

He's like 6 feet Brandtly Southwick

6 feet 2 inches Rachel Hakes, Teal Reader, Marina Bowman

6 foot one Megan Eralie

Not sure Rosalie Hill

"That tall" (holds hand up) Jake Willden

All the way up to where he is tall Micah Petersen

About 5' 10" Katie Hill

My mom's taller than him Karina Huss

Taller than my mom McKenzie Carpenter

5 foot 9 inches Mason Robinson

About 4 feet tall Ryan Dunn

5 feet 9 inches Garrett Oliekan

6 feet 9 inches Brianna St. Clair

7 foot 3 inches Courtney Gray

Almost up to any door Calli Glazier

4 feet taller than my mom Camille Schneider

5 inches Seth Petersen

62 inches tall Chloe Krauser

Tall as a tower Trevor Huss

"This tall" (arms held out) - Riley Jones [Riley is about five.]

Is your Dad a good driver? And why?

Yes...because he is Emily Jones

Yes...because he drives good Tayler Ganem

Yes...and no at the same time Porter Lavender

No...he can't park Dallin Willden

Yes...because he doesn't crash Daniel Webb

Yes...because he hasn't crashed for 8 years Stillman Schneider

Yes...because wherever we go he takes short cuts Jacob Hill

I don't know...he never told me Chandler Miller

Yes...he doesn't crash

Yes...because he has a fast car Zaiah Gonzales

Yes...because he's as old as my mom Gavin Saydyk

Yes...because he loves to go to work Daniel Dunn

Yes - Gabe Eralie, Craig Parsons, Riley Jones, Sydney Scholes, Mason Robinson

Yes...he knows where to go (most of the time) Jaycie Neal

No...he makes the car wobble on purpose Geoffrey Jones

Yes...because he sometimes beats my mom home Dani Anderson

Yes...he knows where to go Alexis Glazier

Yes...he can drive an old-fashioned car Isabella Saydyk

Yes...because he pays attention to the road Mitchell Robinson

Ya...he's a good driver . HA HA HA HA Jacob Miller

Yes...because he doesn't crash Nathan McClure

Yes...because he watches the road Brianna Huss

No...he got a speeding ticket Kimberly Webb

Yes...because he watches out all the time Jake Willden

Yes...because he doesn't bump into people Micah Petersen

I don't know Brandon Glazier

Yes...my dad is a good driver Derall Riley

Yes...his eyes are on the road Laike Reader

Yeah..sort of, not really. He was going too fast and got a warning from the police. Ryan Zollinger

Yes...he follows the laws Madalyn Ahlstrom, Matthew & Joshua Johnson

Yeah...cuz he doesn't crash Brandon Sims

Yes...he doesn't bump into things Megan Langford

Yes...because he is a good swimmer Halle Johnson

Yes...because he can also fly an airplane Rylee Dunn

Yes...because he takes it slow when people are not buckled Drew Christensen

Yes...because he doesn't talk on his phone Elizabeth Christensen

Yes...because he only had two tickets on driving Nicole Strobelt

Yes...because I don't know how to drive Dani Lavender

Yeah...because he can drive to Grandma's Kylen Jones

Yes....because he's strong Liam Ganem

Yes...he is because he practiced Katie Hill

Yes...Mason Robinson

Not good...he almost crashed McKenzie Carpenter

My dad is a good driver because he is coughshis Ryan Dunn

Yes...because he never crashed in his life Garrett Oliekan

Yes...he is crazy Brianna St. Clair

No...because my mom tells him where to go Courtney Gray

No...because he gets lost Calli Glazier

Yes...because he goes really fast Camille Schneider

Yes...because he's special Seth Petersen

Yes...because he is Chloe Krauser, Andrew Anderson

Yes...he's a safe driver Trevor Huss

Yes...because he drives fast Shaylee Gonzales

Yes...because he drives me places Emma Hakes

Yes...because he never crashes Matthew Mortensen

Yes...because he doesn't run red lights Nathan Schneider

Yes...because he drives me places Gavin Mauter

He used to not, but now he is Hailey Strobelt

One time he wasn't because he speeded Eric Strobelt

Yes...because he never speeds or crashes or anything Ben Hill

He's a good driver because he always drives us to California and never falls asleep Christian Ganem

One time he was about to speed and then he saw a police officer and slowed down Faith Petersen

Yes...he never speeds Emma Hakes

Yes...because he watches what he is doing Nicolas Martinez

Sometimes...he turns fast Ali Lavender

Yes...because he can drive to Utah Leah Anderson

Yes...because he knows how to steer the wheel Whitney Riley

Yes...because if he goes out to dinner he goes to the right place and he never messes up Jenna Oliekan

Yes...because he just drives fast Rebecca Webb

Yes...he is a good driver, he looks where he is going Ainsley Sims

Yes...but once he crashed Jennifer Neal

Yes...but he's been in a couple of accidents Ben Langford

Yes...because he looks for cars Ethan Southwick

Yes...because he pays attention Emily Martinez

Yes...because he drives me to Sun Splash Ariell Stephens

Kind of...because my mom keeps on telling him what to do Karina Huss

Yes...he always gets out of getting a ticket Haley Jones

Yes...because he has a well-organized car Drew Scholes

Yes...he drives with his knees Mitchell Christensen

No...he crashed Brandon St. Clair

Yes...he has never gotten in a crash Rosalie Hill

Sometimes he goes really fast Megan Eralie

Yeah...because he never gets tired when we go on big trips Marina Bowman

Yes...because he doesn't want to get a ticket Teal Reader

Yes...he like speeds to get me there on time Brandtly Southwick

Yes...he can drive while he sleeps Alex Gray

Yes...because he cares about us and doesn't want to get in a crash Rachel Hakes

Yes...he lets me sit in the front...mom doesn't Hannah Oliekan

Yes...because he's good and funny Jill Jones

Yes...because he's always making fun of my mom's driving Eric Martinez

Yes...because he doesn't get scratches on his car Sydney Langford

Yes...because he did not crash or get a ticket for more than a month Garrett Gray

My Dad's favorite thing to cook is...

He doesn't cook Whitney Riley, Ben Hill, Sydney Scholes, Dallin Willden, Makenna Willden

Soup Jennifer Neal, Ethan Southwick

BBQ something Emily Martinez

Rice Chandler Miller

Mushrooms Andrew Anderson

Hamburgers and Steaks Matthew & Joshua Johnson

Meatballs Dani Lavender

Ravioli and Pancakes Kylen Jones

Macaroni & Cheese Liam Ganem

Macaroni with hot dogs for me Madalyn Ahlstrom

Chicken and Corn Brandon Sims

Watermelon Megan Langford

Burgers Jacob Miller

Fish Ariell Stephens

Spaghetti Nicolas Martinez, Trevor Huss, Karina Huss, Mason,

Lizzie Alltree, Robinson, Micah Petersen, Brianna Huss

Dinner Halle Johnson

Anything Rylee Dunn

Cake Drew Christensen, Brianna St. Clair

Hamburgers Elizabeth Christensen

Chili and Rice Nicole Strobelt, Hailey Strobelt, Eric Strobelt

Won Tons Kimberly Webb

COOKIES!! Haley Jones

Waffles Mitchell Robinson

Meat Nathan McClure

Spaghetti with chicken on top Alexis Glazier

Fish or Dutch Oven things Hannah Oliekan

Cornstarch Jill Jones

Soup and Ribs Jaycie Neal

Chicken Geoffrey Jones

Grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk Sydney Langford

Grilled cheese sandwiches Danielle Anderson

Pork Jacob Hill

Roast Beef Sandwiches Jared Riley

The circle eggs Zaiah Gonzales

Eggs Gavin Saydyk, Gabe Eralie

Meat for tacos Emily Jones

My mom does all the cooking Porter Lavender

Steak Craig Parsons

Steak and Potatoes Stillman Schneider

Meatballs Daniel Dunn

Hamburgers Rachel Hakes, Marina Bowman

Food Drew Scholes, Eric Martinez, Daniel Webb

Bread Isabella Saydyk

Mashed potatoes and gravy - Teal Reader

Just about anything Rosalie Hill

Hash Browns Mitchell Christensen

Bananas Brandon St. Clair

Anything on the grill Brandtly Southwick

Veggie omelet Alex Gray

Pancakes (because he flips them on the pan) Michelle LeSueur

Chocolate Chip Cookies McKenzie Carpenter

Big Pancakes Brandon Glazier

Hot Dogs Derall Riley


He likes ice cream Jake Willden

Chicken Ryan Dunn

Mac & Cheese Riley Jones

Ham & Eggs & Pasta Ali Lavender

"Eggies" Leah Anderson

Pork Sandwiches Whitney Riley

Fish & Meat Jenna Oliekan

Brownies for Dessert Rebecca Webb

Eggs Ben Hill

He likes to cook lots of stuff his favorites are hot dogs, steak and

Potatoes Faith Petersen, Christian Ganem

Pancakes Emma Hakes, Matthew Mortensen, Garrett Oliekan

Peanut butter and jelly Nathan Schneider

Hamburgers Gavin Mauter

Hot Dogs Calli Glazier, Camille Schneider, Seth Petersen, Ryan Zollinger

Pizza Chloe Krauser, Laike Reader

Nothing, he doesn't cook Shaylee Gonzales

Cheese Crisps Emma Krauser, Garrett Gray, Tayler Ganem [Three different families... I wonder what these are?]

If you could spend all day with your Dad, what would you like to do?

Go to a Suns Game Emily Jones, Haley Jones

Swim Tayler Ganem, Craig Parsons, Daniel Webb, Laike Reader, Brianna St. Clair, Courtney Gray, Emma Hakes, Sydney Langford, Ariell Stephens, Dani Lavender, Megan Langford

Building with blocks Halle Johnson

Go fishing and learn how to fly and airplane Rylee Dunn

Play golf Drew Christensen, Nathan McClure, Mitchell Christensen

Snow skiing Elizabeth Christensen

Go out to eat and go to Dairy Queen Nicole Strobelt

Go shopping Hailey Strobelt

Play football outside or football on the X-Box Eric Strobelt

Play and draw and go outside Kylen Jones

Go outside and play games Liam Ganem

A sleepover Madalyn Ahlstrom

Go to Peter Piper Pizza Brandon Sims

Take a quading trip with him Matthew Mortensen

Watch movies Nathan Schneider

Go camping in my backyard Ainsley Sims

Go on quads and ride on sand dunes Jennifer Neal

Go ride bikes Gavin Mauter

Play baseball Ben Hill

First we would go swimming then to Circle K for something next the skate park then to Walgreens for candy Christian Ganem

He likes to snuggle with me Calli Glazier

Play and wrestle and eat sandwiches Camille Schneider

Play games with him Seth Petersen, Faith Petersen

Play with him Chloe Krauser

Go to a really big park Andrew Anderson

Play Play-Station 2 and "Gettysburg" on PC Ryan Zollinger

Yardwork Joshua & Matthew Johnson

Box with him and beat him up Trevor Huss

Go to Disneyland Riley Jones

Go swimming and jump on the trampoline Shaylee Gonzales

Cook, go to Sea World and Swim Katie Hill [Do they let you do that??]

Have milkshakes all day Karina Huss

Go in the pool and play outside Mason Robinson

Go to the Mall McKenzie Carpenter

Go to D-backs game Ryan Dunn

Play and watch movies (Harry Potter) Garrett Oliekan

Wrestle Stillman Schneider

Help him Jacob Hill

Get some Gelato Jared Riley

We would go to Chuckie Cheese Zaiah Gonzales

Play video games Gavin Saydyk, Brandon Glazier, Ben Langford

I don't know Derall Riley

Play football Nicolas Martinez

Go swimming, go to his office, and a restaurant and park Ali Lavender

Go out for ice cream at IHOP Leah Anderson

Play a boardgame Whitney Riley

Go swimming and wrestle Jenna Oliekan

Go on bike rides and swimming Rebecca Webb

Play basketball Ethan Southwick

Buy some snacks and buy some candy Emily Martinez

Swim, play games, go on a walk Rachel Hakes

Go to the carnival Teal Reader

Cook Rosalie Hill

Goto the movies, go to lunch & go to Fiddlesticks Megan Eralie

Go to see artists paint Marina Bowman

Fishing Daniel Dunn, Geoffrey Jones

Swim and Golf Sydney Langford

Get lunch, candy, and treats at restaurants & go to the movie Dani Anderson

Go to Ben and Jerry's Alexis Glazier

Swim, eat ice cream, and build things (not wood) Hannah Oliekan

Go to IHOP and go swimming Jill Jones

Play basketball Eric Martinez

Go to the theater/hear him play his guitar Isabella Saydyk

Go to a Suns game or fish Michelle LeSueur

Go to the movies and go to Wendy's Brianna Huss

Shopping Kimberly Webb

Play a game Micah Petersen

Go get a toy at the store Jake Willden

Shoot guns Drew Scholes

Camp Gabe Eralie, Mitchell Robinson

Go to the store and buy a million candy bars Garrett Oliekan

Go Quad riding Jaycie Neal, Brandon St. Clair

Play basketball/go to batting cages Brandtly Southwick

Go to the Hospital Alex Gray

Go to the movies Porter Lavender

Go bowling Dallin Willden, Makenna Willden

Play in the pool Chandler Miller

Play in my room Jacob Miller

What does your Dad like to do when he gets home from work?

Eat, swim, sleep Rachel Hakes

Sleeps Teal Reader, Emma Hakes, Gavin Mauter, Brandon St. Clair, Alex Gray, Eric Martinez

Not much Rosalie Hill

Drink Diet Pepsi and watch TV Megan Eralie

Ask, "What did you do today?" Marina Bowman

Spend time with the family Chandler Miller

He's going to do that in his office Jacob Miller

Eat dinner, go to bed, read a book Ryan Zollinger

Read Matthew & Joshua Johnson

Go swimming with me Dani Lavender

He loves to make dinner Kylen Jones

Play with me - Liam Ganem, Brandon Sims, Ainsley Sims, Ariell Stephens

Gives me kisses Megan Langford

He likes to take us out to eat Nicole Strobelt

I don't see what he does when he gets home from work Hailey Strobelt

Play football or rest Eric Strobelt

Gives me a big, fancy hug Madalyn Ahlstrom

He makes race cars out of LEGOS with me Andrew Anderson

Yell, "I'm Hooooome!" Karina Huss

Eat dinner Mason Robinson, Gavin Saydyk, Gabe Eralie

Take out the garbage Daniel Dunn

Gives me a big hug Halle Johnson

Play Drew Christensen

He likes to get a hug Elizabeth Christensen

Watch TV Jennifer Neal, Sydney Langford, Matthew Mortensen, Drew Scholes, Rylee Dunn

Cooks dinner Mitchell Christensen

Work on the computer and watch TV Ben Langford

Lay down Ethan Southwick

Go in his office and go on his computer Emily Martinez

Get on his computer Nicolas Martinez

Relax and hug us Ali Lavender

To go on vacation Leah Anderson

Play Worldcraf Whitney Riley

Take a shower because he likes to be clean Jenna Oliekan

He eats dinner with us Rebecca Webb

He likes to eat dinner Ben Hill

He changes out of his work clothes, gets dinner, plays with us kids, watches a movie and goes to sleep Christian Ganem

Spends all day working on the computer Faith Petersen

Watch basketball Shaylee Gonzalez

Play with me outside Emma Krauser

Changes his clothes Nathan Schneider

Goes to the park Calli Glazier

He likes to wrestle with me Camille Schneider

Sit down and rest Seth Petersen

Go to bed Chloe Krauser, McKenzie Carpenter

Work with his computer Ryan Dunn

Changes into his play clothes and plays Garrett Oliekan

Change the pool's water Courtney Gray

Lay on the couch Brandon Glazier

Play World of Warcraft Derall Riley

Hug me Laike Reader

Eat dinner Katie Hill

Picks up the toys Micah Petersen

Picks up my toys and gives me a hug Jake Willden

Cooks dinner and cleans Brandtly Southwick

Spends time with his kids Brianna Huss

Computers Kimberly Webb

Watch a Suns game Haley Jones

He likes to go swimming Mitchell Robinson

Sleep and eat ice cream Nathan McClure

Sleep for an hour Alexis Glazier

Swim Hannah Oliekan

Eat and wrestle with me Jill Jones

Eats dinner and goes to bed Isabella Saydyk

Likes to stick up for Alex Garrett Gray

Eats dinner Jaycie Neal

Watch the baseball game Geoffrey Jones

Swim and eat dinner with us Sydney Langford

Goes swimming - Dani Anderson

Put his stuff away and have dinner Jacob Hill

Watch the race Jared Riley

Change his clothes Zaiah Gonzales

Eat dinner Gavin Saydyk

Lay on his bed and watch TV Emily Jones

Watch movies with us Tayler Ganem

Sit at his computer and work Porter Lavender

Give us hugs Craig Parsons

Play Wii with me Dallin Willden

Work on the computer Daniel Webb

Hug his kids Stillman Schneider

Box with me Trevor Huss

Take a nap Riley Jones

How old is your Dad?

Seventy-five Callie Glazier

Fourteen Camille Schneider, Riley Jones

Five Andrew Anderson [something about these single-digit numerical answers busts me up.]

Thirty-two Nathan Schneider

Either twenty-three or thirty-two Christian Ganem

Fifty-three Faith Petersen

Forty-five Nicolas Martinez, Nicole Strobelt

Maybe thirty Rebecca Webb

Fifty Jennifer Neal

He doesn't know, but I think he is forty-nine Ariell Stephens

I don't remember Micah Petersen

Four, like me Jake Willden

1, 2, 10 Jacob Miller

Fifty three or fifty-four Matthew & Joshua Johnson

I don't know Dani Lavender, Megan Langford

Two Halle Johnson

Twenty-five Hailey Strobelt

Fifty-five Eric Strobelt

6 years old Kylen Jones

Not too old Liam Ganem

Six Madalyn Ahlstrom

Fifteen Brandon Sims

I love my Dad because...

He is nice and helps me Emily Jones

He is nice Tayler Ganem, Kimberly Webb, Makenna Willden, Brandon St. Clair, Garrett Oliekan, Sydney Scholes

He's the best Dad ever, he's nice, and REALLY funny Haley Jones

He lets us have popcicles Ben Hill

I am his son Ethan Southwick

He's nice and I always stick'em with him Emily Martinez

He is special to me Ariell Stephens

He has black hair and his face is so pretty and he drives me in his Corvette Camille Schneider

EVERYTHING he does, etc Rachel Hakes

He's awesome!!! Teal Reader

He plays with me Christian Ganem

He's my friend Dani Lavender

He love us! Matthew & Joshua Johnson

He works hard Kylen Jones

He's really strong Liam Ganem

I'll love him forever Madalyn Ahlstrom

He's so special Brandon Sims

He loves me Megan Langford

He hugs and kisses me Halle Johnson

He's a nice person Rylee Dunn

He tucks us into bed Drew Christensen

He is nice Elizabeth Christensen

He likes to take us to fun places and give us good presents for Valentine's Day, our, our birthday, and Christmas Nicole Strobelt

He takes me to places like Chili's and Dairy Queen Hailey Strobelt

He says prayers with me and plays football with me Eric Strobelt

He loves me Andrew Anderson

He's nice, he helps me with my homework, he cares for me, he supports me, he's cool! Ryan Zollinger

He makes money for us Faith Petersen

He is the best Dad in the world Porter Lavender

He's the best! Craig Parsons

He spends a lot of time with me Dallin Willden

He's cool Daniel Webb

He is funny Stillman Schneider

He has lots of great things for me Jacob Hill

He plays with me Jared Riley, Zaiah Gonzales

He's a Cub Master Alexis Glazier

We play lots of things together Chandler Miller

I just love my Dad because my Dad is at work Jacob Miller

He's GREAT! Hannah Oliekan

He's my Dad Jill Jones, Eric Martinez

He is smart Mitchell Robinson

He likes to play with me and is nice to me Nathan McClure

He's super nice and funny! Michelle LeSueur

He has guns Drew Scholes

He's funny Mitchell Christensen, Emma Hakes, Ben Hill, Rosalie Hill

He's funny and a special guy Megan Eralie

He adopted me and because he cleaned my room and gave me a new TV Marina Bowman

He's the Best Dad Ever! Brandtly Southwick, Brianna St. Clair

He takes me to the hospital Alex Gray

He's nice to me and lets me go to the store and get toys Jake Willden

My Dad went to the airport and went on the plane Micah Petersen

Everything we have is from his money Brandon Glazier

He loves me Derall Riley

He's nice to me and I love him and he loves me too Laike Reader

He cares for me and keeps me safe Katie Hill

He is super! Karina Huss

He is a good Dad Mason Robinson

He is funny and cool McKenzie Carpenter

He spoils me Ryan Dunn

After he comes home he gives us candy or chocolate milk Courtney Gray

He's special Calli Glazier, Nicolas Martinez, Jenna Oliekan, Rebecca Webb

He takes care of me Ainsley Sims

He is sweet Jennifer Neal

He always hugs me Ali Lavender

He's so nice Leah Anderson

He lets me sleep over at my cousin's house Whitney Riley

He's special to me Seth Petersen

I like him to be a rock star Trevor Huss

He is really nice, he really means a lot to me Shaylee Gonzales

He's a great Dad Emma Krauser

He is so nice to me Gavin Mauter

He loves me and he cares for me Brianna Huss

He's a good dad Matthew Mortensen

We go places with each other Gavin Saydyk

He plays video games with me Daniel Dunn

He plays games with me and he watches "Tom & Jerry" Gabe Eralie

He goes to work (all I can think of) Garrett Gray

He loves me! Jaycie Neal, Geoffrey Jones, Sydney Langford, Dani Anderson, Chloe Krauser, Riley Jones, Nathan Schneider

©2019 Taylor Anderson

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